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l am a retired senior executive of a

Fortune 500 company.  My retirement in 2020 began just as COVID reared its head and the world shut down. What was a girl to do? I decluttered, purged, and organized and discovered I really enjoyed it and have a knack for organization. It also gave me the opportunity to connect with other personal passions: donating to local non-profit organizations and reducing waste.

At a friend's urging I pursued my

Professional Organizing certification.

(Who knew it was a thing?) I poured my heart and soul into learning and I continue to learn. I perfected my craft in my own home and I am ready to help you achieve your home organizing goals.


         Please reach out to me if you are interested in creating function out of chaos.

About Me

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Pamela Brailsford, Perfectly Placed by Pamela 


Why Hire Perfectly Placed by Pamela?

Reduced Stress

Stress levels are known to decrease when a person is organized and lives in a clutter-free environment.

Time Saver

Minimizing the time it takes for you to search across your home for a certain item. 


Bringing new eyes to your home and overcoming what we like to refer to as "clutter blindness"!


Providing you with maintenance techniques can maintain the organization and freshness of your home throughout time.


Dedication to doing quality work and willingness to undertake challenging tasks!

Money Saver

Saving you money by locating misplaced items so you won't have to make new purchases. 


Offering flexible, individualized remedies for organizing, so you are able to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

"Your house isn't simply a place to live; it's also where you create and treasure memories. Despite the fact that life might be complicated, basic things shouldn't be. Pamela strives to make living every day less stressful to ensure that you can live life your way!"

Black & Beige Minimalistic Aesthetic Rea
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